Monday, October 6, 2014

The Garden-Roof Coop

The ultimate living-roof birdhouse...

The coop is going into its 5th year and I think it still looks great! The green roof is planted with a variety of winter hardy sedums and succulents and requires little maintenance. I've probably only watered the roof a handful of times (none this year)...

Probably the biggest advantage of a green roof is the insulation it provides. The thick layer of soil and plants absorb the sun and heat - helping the coop stay cool in the summer. In the winter the roof adds a blanket of warmth to my unheated coop.

Chicken Tormentor - Ralph Waldo Emerson
He's never harmed a hen, but he sure enjoys the chase...
And - a living-roof adds a lot of curb appeal to a chicken coop. :)


  1. Wow, what a great idea! I don't have a chicken coop (or chickens), but I can see that technique could be used for other purposes, too. Nice!

  2. Wouldn't that make an amazing garden shed as well!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!!! So creative and functional. Might just be the push I need to convince the hubby to get chickens!!

  4. What a great idea, I'm thinking this may be the way to get a dog house that everyone will approve!

  5. So I'm in the process of building this exact coop for my wife and I was wondering if you have any more pictures of it anywhere. Pictures of it during construction would be especially helpful! Your husbands plans are great but leave a lot of details up to the viewer to figure out. Since it's the first coop I've ever built this leads to a lot of me sketching specifics to make sure I'm doing it right. Draw 3 times, measure twice, cut once, then go back to drawing to see where you got it wrong. Lol!


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