Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

Over the years I've came up with a lot of ways to repurpose glass bottles into bird feeders...

A small glass bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Sweet Shoppe"
-small upcycled water and beer bottles, copper wire, decorative accents and a hummingbird tube adapter...

A larger wine bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Tavern"

A birdseed wine bottle feeder ~ "The Vineyard"

And now - an additional wine bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Viño" ♥

 My favorite part of this feeder is that the flowers on the plastic base can be positioned to make a sitting perch for the hummers! -The plastic base is actually two pieces and can be easily cleaned. It also comes with a reusable paper funnel that makes filling the feeder easy.

I usually have all the feeders available in the Etsy shop - or search my blog for the DIY insturctions!


  1. Like I said on your other blog, this is very inventive!
    The birds must be happy!

  2. Where do you obtain the humming bird attachment? Im making something like this for a up-cycle project at my school.

  3. Google hummingbird stopper...should bring up some for u.

  4. What size copper tubing and wiring should we choose please?

  5. What size copper tubing and wiring please?

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