Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

Over the years I've came up with a lot of ways to repurpose glass bottles into bird feeders...

A small glass bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Sweet Shoppe"
-small upcycled water and beer bottles, copper wire, decorative accents and a hummingbird tube adapter...

A larger wine bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Tavern"

A birdseed wine bottle feeder ~ "The Vineyard"

And now - an additional wine bottle hummingbird feeder ~ "The Viño" ♥

 My favorite part of this feeder is that the flowers on the plastic base can be positioned to make a sitting perch for the hummers! -The plastic base is actually two pieces and can be easily cleaned. It also comes with a reusable paper funnel that makes filling the feeder easy.

I usually have all the feeders available in the Etsy shop - or search my blog for the DIY insturctions!
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