Friday, October 7, 2016

New Bluebird House!

Finally we have a bluebird house listed in the Etsy shop!

Jeff named this one: The Jake and Elwood House of Blues! ♥

Each birdhouse is unique ~ weathered barn tin, antique ceiling tiles, vintage hardware.

The front opens for nest removal and is secured with a vintage hook and eye latch. Entrance hole size is 1 1/2" ~ suitable for bluebirds..

Each birdhouse will vary slightly. Choose color option at checkout. White features a weathered barn tin roof. Cedar and dark brown have antique ceiling tiles. The tiles have have some of the original paint (and rust) and have been sealed to protect against the elements. Tiles will vary slightly with each birdhouse. Hook and eye latches will vary in size and shape with each birdhouse.

Instructions on how to attract bird to your landscape will be included with each birdhouse along with tips on bluebird house placement.

Approximate dimensions:
15" tall
5" wide
5" deep (nest area)
5" from entrance hole to floor of birdhouse

Go to this link to order:  Rebecca's Bird Gardens - Bluebird House
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