Sunday, February 2, 2014

The European Starling

According to the Cornell website, all the European Starlings in North America descended from 100 birds set loose in New York's Central Park in the early 1890s. The birds were intentionally released by a group who wanted America to have all the birds that Shakespeare ever mentioned. It took several tries, but eventually the population took off.

At times I feel as if all the descendants are in my backyard...

Today more than 200 million European Starlings range from Alaska to Mexico. Although their feather patterns and colors are attractive, their huge flocks and competition with native birds make them among my least favorite backyard bird...

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  1. Great images!! I love 'em with their wings open like that!! Something I've not seen at a feeding station at all.

  2. They are very photogenic birds! We don't have them in our garden but I do read a lot of complaints from gardeners who get lots of them at their feeders.

  3. They're beautiful birds, but it probably wasn't very smart to bring them to the US.

  4. Wow ! Wonderful shot of birds !
    Have a nice week !

  5. We have Starlings in NZ but they are not as prolific as yours seem to be, maybe I will have to do some reading and see why?

  6. Yeah, I think they're my least favorite, too, althought they don't seem to come to my feeders much. I must have feeder models that they don't like as well. In any case, they haven't been much of a problem in my garden--although I see them around town all the time. They are beautiful birds, though.

  7. Great post on the Starlings! I am not to crazy over seeing them in my yard, they make a huge mess. Have a happy day!

  8. They are not a popular bird here for similar reasons - and they were also introduced for similar reasons too!

    Shame they are unpopular (and damaging) as they do look good with a little water on the them!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Amazing photographs...I loved how I can see through the wings flapping in the second image.
    JM Illinois

  10. How lovely to see the wings fluttering!

  11. Ah the snarling starlings...yes I have a flock of 20 here since the last snow storm...sigh...Michelle


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