Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Custom Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Sometimes the label of the wine bottle that I find at our local recycle center is just too cute to remove when I am creating my wine bottle bird-feeders... Here are a few of my favorites:

Laughing Cat by Carlson Vineyards Winery ~ In the photo below, I don't recommend the placement of the bird-feeder. - It's a little too close to Ralph Waldo Emerson (our Curious Cat)...

Winking Owl ~ I'm not much of a wine connoisseur, but for less than $3.00 - this bottle makes a very unique feeder. And the owl on the cork is the perfect finishing touch...

Mirassou Winery ~ When I found this bottle - complete with a sunny cork - I knew it would make a bright and cheerful feeder. ♥

Tisdale Wine ~ I saw this wine bottle - and had to purchase it. The label is paper and won't withstand the elements, but isn't it perfect for a bird feeder? ♥

Bogle Vineyards ~ Love the bottle and the cork is custom too...

Cupcake Wines ~ What could be cuter? - Complete with a cupcake charm!

Stella Rosa Wines ~ A bird feeder fit for royalty!

If there is a certain wine bottle that you would like a feeder made out of - send me a message through Etsy (RebeccasBirdGardens) - I can try to preserve the label if that is something you would like. The label (especially if it is paper) will not withstand the elements, but will make an unique gift. 


  1. Rebecca these bottles are impressive! Where do you get the copper seed ports with the perches from? I noticed that everyone ask this question but I never see a response. I wish I could get those for my project!

  2. Wow these feeders are really intricate. I love the bottle design with the copper housings. What gave you the idea to use old wine bottles as birdhouses?
    I would love to see a red bottle feeder or maybe even a bath.

  3. Rebecca I love your feeders! I don't see any ports like these in your etsy shop. Do you sell them?

  4. Your feeders are beautiful and they would make awesome Christmas presents. I have a large amount of wine bottles saved and would love to know where do you get the copper wiring and ports for the feeders?

  5. Where do you get the copper ports for the bottles? Would you email me and tell me if you buy them or make them yourself?


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