Monday, February 9, 2015

Rustic Bird-Feeder - "The Diner"

Each feeder is unique ♥ ~ weathered barn tin, antique hardware, vintage doorknob and skeleton key! Constructed of weather resistant cedar. The top lifts up to fill with a large quantity of  birdseed. Hangs from attached wire.

Approximate dimensions:
23" tall
8" wide

I have had a brown "Diner" hanging in my backyard for several years, but occasionally I'll try out a new color to get the local birds approval. ♥

This feeder is available year-round in our Etsy Shop (unless we're sold out!) and locally at the market.
~Rebecca's Bird Gardens (Etsy)

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The red feeder to the right is being visited by an American Goldfinch and a couple of Tufted Titmice...

Male Northern Cardinal

Carolina Chickadee  ~  American Goldfinch / Purple Finch

 Indigo Bunting

Carolina Chickadee / Female Northern Cardinal  ~  Male Northern Cardinal

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee  ~  Tufted Titmouse

Love this photo sent to me from a customer in Indiana who requested a custom made "squirrel" feeder!

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  1. I love your rustic bird-feeder ! These are the exclusive feeders ! I see the birds are delighted !
    Great shots ! Greetings !


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