Monday, February 16, 2015

The Pileated Woodpecker

Even though the Pileated Woodpecker is a year-round resident of my Missouri property, I rarely catch a glimpse of this reclusive bird. During the winter, however, it's easier to spot them foraging among the leafless trees in the wooded area around my house.

On a snowy day this season, I finally got some decent photos of this woodpecker when I caught her excavating a hole (searching for carpenter ants) in a walnut tree close to the house.

The unique holes that this woodpecker leaves behind (after a meal) become nest cavities and shelter for a variety of other birds and wildlife.

I actually hear this bird more than I see it. Not only drilling holes in trees, but its loud call. - Click below to listen:

Plleated Woodpecker - call

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  1. I am so darned jealous!! would LOVE to spot one of these and get photos of it. You're so very lucky.

    Excellent images, and great commentary. Thanks for sharing your link this week.

  2. Oh fantastic catch. I too hear one, rarely see it and would LOVE photos.... Wow.... Michelle

  3. The Pileated are awesome woodies, great shots.. Enjoy your day!

  4. How handsome he is!!! I love when a pileated comes to visit, such majestic creatures! Once I was on a silent meditation walk (at a retreat) and not one, not two, but three pileated's appeared and busied themselves in the forest. W

  5. A super species that I've only seen once .... thanks for sharing your glorious photos.

  6. Wonderful captures, Rebecca! I would love to see one in real life! I know they are in parts of TX also, but not around my part, lol. On my bucket list!

  7. beautiful images of a beautiful bird.

  8. So gorgeous! I've heard them several times and saw one fly-over but never got a good shot. Very nice.

  9. Excellent series!
    I don't mind the holes in the trees but I have a hole in my deck from a visit. :)

  10. Fantastic!
    I sometimes catch a glimpse of one here, but have not been able to get a photo.

  11. What a cool character. Wish I could see one.


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